New Plants

Clematis 'Ovation'PBR

Non-climbing Clematis. Especially suitable for a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden. This clematis'ancestors came from the mountains of New Zealand, so the plant is resistant to a certain amount of frost. Can also be planted in a pot on teracce. Produce white flowers in March/April. Available in 17 cm pot

Clematis‘Emerald Dream’PBR

This non-climbing Clematis came into being through the hybridisation of varieties from New Zealand.The plant tolarates frost. It has attractive light-green foliage all year round, and is covered in white flowers in March/April. Ideal for a sunny spot in the garden or in a pot on the patio. Available in 17 cm pot

Hydrangea anomale petiolaris 'Silver Lining'PBR'

Very special. The first Hydrangea anomale petiolaris with elegant green foliage with a silver edge. Available in 17 cm pot

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