Ceanothus,Drimys & Lonicera

California Lilacs, or Ceanothus, are some of the most fragrant and colourful shrubs in California. They are also evergreen and very drought tolerant. The shrub can be planted as solitary plant, but it is also ideal for using against a wall or a fence. It prefers a sunny spot. In April and May the bush is loaded with fragrant flower clusters.

Our firm grows:


  • ‘Concha’: flowers dark-blue pinkish center, leaves dark-green
  • ‘Sky Lark’: bright, but very dark-blue flowers, glossy green leaves
  • ‘Yankee Point’: darker blue flowers and narrower triangular leaves than species

Available in 17 cm pot,30 cm cane 

Lonicera Litlle Honey®
creeping evergreen honeysuckle, Frost-resistant
Available in 14 cm pot

Drimys lanceolata Red Spice
evergreen with elegant, aromatic foliage and star-shaped yellow flowers, Frost-resistant
Available in 17 cm pot

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